Easy Fast - Smart CNG

The EASY FAST system is designed to transform engines from 2 to 8 cylinder in OBD-II version and from 2 to 4 in the SMART model and is characterized by highly advanced and reliable technology. It's very user-friendly and intuitive to reduce the time of its calibration. The components are integrated to minimize the amount of space and the installation time.

Elitgas - official representative of Lovato gas equipments.


  1. CNG Filling valvedevice through which the cylinder is filled.
  2. CNG Tank: tank for CNG in liquid and gaseous phase.
  3. Cylinder Valve: allows gas into and out of the tank, measures level of gas in the tank and contains various safety devices.
  4. Reducer: device through which the gas liquid to gaseous phase thus reducing and adjusting its pressure.
  5. Filter: filter gas, it has sensors which measure the temperature and pressure of the gas and manifold pressure.
  6. Injector Rail: injects sequentially the correct amount of CNG into each cylinder.
  7. Changeover Switch: allows user to switch between gas and petrol and indicates the level of gas in the tank.
  8. Gas ECU: receives signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the parameters of the gas amount to be injected.